Monday, 30 July 2012

SHOPPING | the body shop

hey everyone!
a glorious little voucher code popped up in my mum's emails for 50% off body shop orders, and the UPS man delivered it today! yay! i saw him pulling up outside my house as i was halfway up the road walking my dog, so i had to walk fast but casually. smooth.
i can't say i've ever tried a wide variety of body shop products, only the body butters and the shower products, but i want to dabble in body shop products a bit more, and this was definitely the perfect opportunity to do this!
the banana shampoo and conditioner smell absoloutely divine. as i say this order only arrived today so i can only go on first impressions. but i must say i never knew i loved the scent of banana so much! i certainly hope the scent lingers! i'll keep you guys updated on the shampoo and conditioner, i want it to be good because of the smell!
i brought the sweet lemon shower gel for my dad as he loves a bit of citrus, but i couldn't resist the pink grapefruit shower gel for moi! it smells so summery and and fruity - its the kind of fruity frangrence that makes me feel thirsty. is that weird? and i may have to steal my dad's sweet lemon shower gel because it does smell rather delish!
the hemp hand protector is one of the only products i have tried, and i must say - this could be my new favourite hand cream. it could even beat soap and glory's hand food *OMG.* i'd heard so much about this so it was number one on my list! i will definitely do a more in-depth post on this, so i won't say too much but it's extremely moisturising but sinks in so quickly! perfect!
next is the spa wisdom argan oil and orange blossom body souffle. i remember this being the last thing i added to my basket, and i only really added it so it would bring me to the amount to get free postage. i'm not struck on this, i think its the smell. its very floral and i'm not a lover of strong floral scents. i'm also unsure on the consistency, however i will continue to use this and we'll see if it grows on me!
i knew i had to try the tea tree face mask because i've heard so much about it! it claims to 'instantly cool and lift away impurities,' and from what i've heard about it, it does just that. my skin has been quite naughty recently so here's hoping that this will knock it into shape!
i love the body scrubs from the body shop, so i decided to try the shea body scrub. it doesn't smell of much i don't think, i don't love it and i don't hate it but it doesn't really bother me! also, i was expecting it to be a creamy scrub, but its gel based so i imagine it will be quite oily on the skin, but as long as it doesn't leave a residue that's fine by me!

i will definitely do some reviews of these products.
as i say, i'm trying to get into the body shop more so if you have any recommendations please leave them below!
if you have any requests feel free to let me know :)

thanks for reading!

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