Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Hey everyone!
It's the end of july which means July favourites! but also it means its august which means the dreaded results day.... argh!
i love yankee candles, and the vanilla cupcake yankee candle could be my favourite scent that i've had. i prefer the medium sized jars because i find i get bored of the scent if i get a large one... i've only just finished one i got in the christmas sale at clintons and even then my mum had to finish it for me! but i love this scent.. it reminds me of baking and yuminess :)
the garnier summer body is a bit of a god send for pasty-legged gals like myself. i love this because i don't like having to wait for gradual tans to sink in, but this sinks in so quickly and smells divine - on the bottle it says it smells like apricots but i think it just smells generally fruity! the tan itself devolops within about 3 days i found, and i only apply it in the mornings so its great to see an almost instant result!
carmex is hands down the best lip balm i've tried. i don't get on with vaseline unless i have carmex on underneath it, because i find it just softens the lips instead of actually working deep down to nourish the lips. i have very dry lips and this works amazing for me! i like the fact that it tingles because it makes me feel like its working!
everyone loves the collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, but i couldn't resist putting it in my favourites! it conceals EVERYTHING - i use it on spots, blackheads, redness, under eyes - you name it! i've even stopped wearing foundation or tinted moisturiser and i just use this and powder, which works so well for me!
i don't know if you can get the prestige highlighting powder anymore because i haven't seen the stands in boots for quite a while, but i love this. i favour it over benefit high beam - i find high beam looks quite un-natural on me, whereas this is the perfect shade. its quite a gold tonned highlighter, whereas high beam is more silver (please excuse my lack of makeup vocabulary!) i also like the fact that its a powder because i find it easier to apply.

i brought some converse last week and i absolutely love them. i was in fact a converse virgin before i brought these, but as i start sixth form in September i needed a pair of caual shoes i could wear with jeans. i only own chelsea boots and pumps so i thought it was about time i invest! my friends told me they are really comfy and they aren't wrong - they're like walking on air! they're so easy to wear aswell, i want more colours!

my obsession of the month - instagram. i love stalking other people's pictures and uploading my own. its such a great app! comment with your instagram usernames below - mine is 'maddiesinstagram' - inventive, i know ;D

thanks for reading!

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