Sunday, 4 November 2012

REVIEW | the body shop hemp hand protector

hey everyone!
today i'm reviewing the body shop's hemp hand protector, which was featured in my body shop haul - my first ever post!

firstly i would just like to say how much I love the packaging. i love how you can actually see how much you're using. the only thing is the lid - it does fall off in your bag which is a bit of a pain! but overall i really like it.
now to the product itself. the consistancy, as i tried to capture, is almost like a clay face mask. its very thick and when i first squeezed some out i was a bit skeptical as i'm not a fan of thick hand creams because they take so long to sink into the skin. i think the fact that it sinks into the skin so quickly combined with its consistancy makes it quite a unique because its rare to have something so thick and heavy sink in to the skin so quickly.
however i was really surprised when i actually applied it. it really does sink in so quickly and leaves your hands feeling SO soft, without leaving a horrible residue.
its very intensive, and it really works deep down into your skin, as opposed to coating your hands in a moisturising film and giving the illusion that its really working deep down to pamper your dry skin.

the only thing i don't really like about this product is the smell. it reminds me of tree bark, which isn't something I want my hands to smell like. I think its quite a love/hate kind of smell, but the quality of the product cancels out the smell completely!

what is your favourite hand cream? :)

thanks for reading!

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