Tuesday, 14 August 2012


MAC Modesty lipstick swatched with No7 romantic swatched underneath it

Modesty lipstick by MAC was my first ever purchase from MAC. i got it at around christmas time at the soho store - i felt rather swanky!
what i love about modesty is that its a very neutral colour - it isn't nude, and its definitely a 'your lips but better' kind of colour. its also a cremesheen finish, which makes it very moisturising and hydrating on the lips.

a few months later, when the boots no7 vouchers came out i was mooching around the no7 stand and picked up a moisture drench lipstick in 'romantic' from no7, without realising how similar it was to MAC's modesty.

they both have a moisturising finish, which has a slight sheen to it from the thickness of it, and they both are that neutral colour which is so easy to wear and will suit any skin tone.
there are obviously a few differences however. when swatched, you can see that romantic is slightly browner, where modesty swatches more pink. i find that i can wear modesty thicker on the lips than romantic, because the pink tone is more flattering on my skin tone, whereas romantic makes me look kind of ill if i wear it heavily! so i have to dab it on.

do you have any other MAC lipstick dupes?

thanks for reading!


  1. Ooh I love the colour of these lipsticks! I've been trying to find a natural colour for quite a while. Might try this No 7 one as I'm too poor for Mac! Lovely blog by the way :)

    Gabby, Tread Softly x

    1. Yeah its a lovely colour and the finish is lovely too! Haha my mac lippy was a christmas splurge ;D thank you so much for the support! Xx